List of Seven on Sunday 4.7: CHALLENGE

1. Newsworthy —

The kids and I spent a few days at the beach last week while hubby traveled for work.

This is a picture I accidentally took of myself. Don’t I look thoughtful? And possibly about to say something prophethic?

I’m pretty sure the only thing I was thinking  and propheting about was, My it certainly is cold and windy out here on the shore! One should wear a hat!


Then I wondered where all the people were. Then I reminded myself it was a cool day in February. Then I ran haphazardly up and down the shore pushing Vivian in the baby jogger willing her to take a nap so I could sit in the sand  on my butt in my jeans and inappropriate-for-the-beach footwear.

But then she didn’t fall asleep. And then Lance, fully clothed, got wetter than wet in the sand and surf. Then I couldn’t see for a while because my hair was ferociously blowing in my face and becoming a huge mass of tangled tendrils.

So basically, just another great day at the beach!

2. Personal progress —


I was on a three-day running streak – and when I say ‘three days’ that means a Tuesday, a Thursday, and then the following Tuesday because T, TH are my designated running days – but then I had to break the streak and go to the beach.

Priorities people!

I am holding myself accountable to hop back on the wagon soon as I think spring and look for events to keep me focused. I’m not trying to break any records, but I do miss the routine of a modest running regime.

3. Writer’s world —

I continually feel more writing challenges coming my way!

4. Photo of the week —

Vivian’s first lollipop lick was not exactly my idea, but when I caught Lance doing this the other day, I surrendered. After all he did share.


More proof that the second child gets to do things sooner than the first child did. Chalk up a sugar win for Vivi.

5. Picture-less moment —

And there I was. On Tuesday afternoon. With 244 miles separating me and my current location from my destination. A toddler, a baby, and a pug dog in tow. A lone Mama warrior on the open road. Car filled with kid crap.

There are some challenges that are simply not meant to be photographed.

Puke, flying dog hair, and spilled milk among them.

But the relaxation of “being away” that ensues once you’ve met the challenges of the open road and reached your destination? Hands down, worth every mile of effort.

That was, until I had to make the same trip in the opposite direction back home. The lone Mama warrior arose again.

My travelin’ days just ain’t what they used to be. 

6. Parenting thought —

I continually feel more writing parenting challenges coming my way!

(I’m short on brain cells today so I had to reuse my sentence from number three, which was already pretty vague, but all those gusty beach winds took a lot out of me!).

7. Humor —

In closing, this one is for anyone else looking to accomplish big things this month.

(Minimal brain cells required).

A 30-Day Challenge (you’ll actually finish) from Pleated Jeans.

  1. Put off something important
  2. Don’t clean your bathroom
  3. Feel socially awkward
  4. Waste time on the Internet
  5. Draw a picture of an invisible werewolf
  6. Lay in bed for awhile
  7. Doubt yourself
  8. Waste time on the Internet
  9. Eat a food
  10. Wear some clothes
  11. Complain about something to someone
  12. Waste time on the Internet
  13. Fap
  14. Go for a long walk… to the couch
  15. Waste time on the Internet
  16. Look at a picture of cats online
  17. Skip social event to stay home
  18. Sit on something
  19. Make a list of things to do, then don’t do them
  20. Waste time on the Internet
  21. Think about how awesome tacos are
  22. Read a word
  23. Use a bathroom (any bathroom!)
  24. Waste time on the Internet
  25. Feel sleepy
  26. Eat too many potato chips
  27. Waste time on the Internet
  28. Be jealous of someone
  29. Breathe some air
  30. Waste time on the Internet

I’m so glad I could help you achieve numbers 4, 8, 12, 15, 20, 24, 27, and 30. Number 22 (among others) is a bonus. You are welcome.

I’m off to accomplish #26.

Have great week,

The Banter Lady

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blogger, picture-taker, diaper-changer, runner

5 thoughts on “List of Seven on Sunday 4.7: CHALLENGE

  1. As of this moment, I think I’ve already achieved 95% of that 30 day challenge and its only day 3 of this month. I’m on fire! 😀 On another note, despite the occasional challenges that the beach brings, I’m definitely missing the beach right now. Funny that I rarely go when I’m back home in California but that I actually miss it when I’m not there.

    • I bet it’s the comfort of the feel you get knowing the beach is near. Funny how those characteristics of ‘home’ stay with us. Next time you are back in CA, you should head straight to the beach before anyplace else to get your fix. You you on the 30 day challenge!! You ARE on a roll! Haha

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