Two-way radios

My Dad took care of Lance when Jan, Vivian, and I went to Pennsylvania last week to look for a house. Dad and Lance are like two peas in a pod. They “do stuff” together all day long. For example, they went to the Bass Pro Shop, they walked down the fishing docks and practiced casting fishing poles, they played in the low-tide puddles on the beach, they painted, they drilled, and they created. Dad even took Lance to the playground and followed him around the neighborhood while Lance rode his tricycle.

When Dad brought Lance back to our (current) house after he and Grammy took care of him for four nights, Lance was eager to give me a shell necklace that he made me and a “two-way radio.” Dad taught him how to (pretend) to talk into his radio. He would say things like, “Calling all Mommies, Calling all Mommies!” when they were driving up to Virginia from North Carolina. I’m pretty sure this was Dad’s attempt to help get Lance excited about coming home. Let’s face it, even though kids are happy to return to their parents and home environment, there is nothing more fun than staying with grandparents — especially the kind of grandparents that interact and adhere to their every need.

After Lance showed me his two-way radio and presented me with one of my very own, I was so touched by the creativity and thoughtfulness my Dad had put into not only fostering Lance’s imagination, but including Jan, Vivian, and I in the process. Jan also got a two-way radio, and even Vivi got a baby two-way radio. Apparently they come in all sizes. For the first few hours of us all being back together, we all wore our two-way radios and had fun playing with them. I couldn’t help but think that we’re all about to go through a major move and that these two-way radios might just be the (figurative) connection that keeps us together during the transition period.

Secretly, I haven’t taken mine off. It’s sort of become a symbol to me that when my children need me I will always have a way for them to get in touch with me. At three, Lance is far too young for a cell phone, but our two-way radios? Now that is cool. A unique design engineered my Dad easily beats out anything Verizon or Samsung currently has on the market.


In a complicated and sometimes scary world, the best thing I can tell you is: Keep your cell phones handy, but keep your imagination far above anything that you think technology could ever possibly provide. Because let me tell you, two-way family radios made of shells and attached to the wrist with a zip tie is where it’s at.

In times of trouble, keep it simple and keep your family close. Two-way radios unite.

Before I go, I have to make a quick call on mine:

Calling Dad, Calling Dad…

You did good.

Do you read me?



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4 thoughts on “Two-way radios

  1. Grandpa Richard always has had a great rapport with kids! He was one of Allison and John’s favorite people!
    Great job, Richard!

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