WCA Fun Run

Registered and ready to run.Lance's first fun run.Intently listening to pre-race instructions.On your mark, get set…GO!Distractions along the way were all part of the fun.
Off and running again.Then he found a girlfriend for awhile.Finish line.It's not about the game, it's how you finish.Success!Recovery lollipop.
Family support.The post-race burn-out.

WCA Fun Run, a set on Flickr.

This morning, Lance participated in his first Fun Run that benefited the WCA Class of 2017 and the Leukemia Society.

At first he was eager, then a little unsure, but once the race was underway, he was all smiles.

Before the race, he intently listened to pre-race instructions. He was one of the smallest, yet determined runners. Jan and I had a blast watching him complete the course.

A few distractions along the way, including some orange race cones and a cute little girl, all added to the fun.

In the end, he completed his first Fun Run with gusto. The post-race lollipop and participation ribbon made this event a home run for our little guy.

Way to go, Lance.

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