List of Seven on Sunday 4.9: OKAY

1. Newsworthy —

Well it’s not Sunday, which means List of Seven on Sunday is actually List of Seven on Wednesday. Or wait, is it Tuesday? Ahh yes, it is in fact Tuesday.

My days are a little mixed up lately because of all we have going on with regard to our big move to PA next month. But that’s okay… because it’s all good. Or so says Pete the Cat, but I’ll get to that later.

To further add to the mix, this week is spring break for most of the school systems in Danville, which means no preschool. That means it doesn’t feel like a Tuesday because normally my kids should have gone to school this morning, but instead they were here with me. Therefore it’s totally okay that I thought it was Wednesday.

(Is anyone following?)

2. Personal progress —

I ran a 5K on Saturday morning after Lance ran his first Fun Run. It felt good out on the trail with an energized group of people as I ran for a good cause. Doing so also gave me inspiration to keep on running and doing the best I can with the limited time I have lately. I’d like to up my distance a little and run a few more 5K’s in the coming months. It’ll be fun to see what is available when we move. I have good motivation because my brother’s girlfriend and I formed a team and will run a relay of the Potter County God’s Country Marathon the first weekend of June. I am super psyched about this event because it’s a small venue in the county I grew up in, and I have wanted to participate for the last few years, but I was either pregnant or unable to overcome the logistical challenge of such a long trip up. This year it’ll be no problem to get there, and there is no pregnancy involved (whew!).

3. Writer’s world —

Eric Litwin (aka Mr. Eric), who wrote Pete the Cat: I love my white shoes, is one of Lance’s new favorite authors. We’ve read a few Pete the Cat books before, but my friend told me we had to get I love my white shoes.

The moral of the story is, “No matter what you step in, keep walking along and singing your song…

(Turn page)

because it’s all good.”

The story has great illustrations and interactive questions as Pete steps in different things that make his shoes turn colors, but doesn’t get upset. It’s really quite catchy because we’ve applied “He kept walking along and singing his song…” to a lot of toddler mishaps lately. I’ve even adopted it as the stress of moving and buying a new house increases. I didn’t write it, but I’m going to keep walking along and singing my song as we take each day one at a time.

4. Photo of the week —

When Lance was about the age that Vivian is now, he used to “help me unload the dishwasher” as he passed me one clean item at a time. I then put the item away and we repeated the process one spoon, fork, plate, cup, bowl at a time.

I’m having flashbacks now with Vivian…


So many good memories in this house.

5. Picture-less moment —

Lance is really into surprises lately when it comes to his snacks, and he has been requesting “surprise snacks.” I’ve had fun thinking of new ways to surprise him with different foods and presentation of the snack, but after awhile I drew a blank. Then it came to me. Probably not a Pinterest-approved idea, but it’s a huge favorite now — M&M’s out of a shot glass.

Yep, so many good memories in this house…

Just walking along, singing our song.

6. Parenting thought —

When we move next month we’ll live in temporary housing for about two and a half months until we can get into the house we bought in early July. At first I wasn’t thrilled about sending all of our belongings to a temporary storage unit and starting out this new phase of our life totally displaced. But the more I’ve gotten used to the idea, the more on board I am.

We found a guest house that’s part of a Bed and Breakfast in a neighboring community that is fully furnished and has a kitchen filled with all the utensils we will need. As a parent, I realize how much the kids will need me during the move. Therefore, I am kind of excited not to have to face acclimation to a new town and setting up a brand new house on top of helping the kids make the transition as I support Jan in his new career path all at the same time. Not to mention keep my own health and sanity in tact.

With that all in mind, I am kind of looking forward to the simplicity of living under the roof of someone else’s responsibility during the interim. Fittingly, the guest house is named Virginia’s House. I think we’ll fit right in.

7. Humor —

We had friends over for a few hours around lunchtime today, which meant entertainment and I didn’t have to get out of my pajamas, even at noon, because they are they type of friends you don’t have to get out of your pajamas for. The house got destroyed and looked way worse than I looked in my pajamas, which was totally okay because it was 100% worth it to have company on this snowy 25th day of March.

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention it’s snowing?

It is, which is quite newsworthy, and something I should have mentioned in number one on the list, but I was really having a hard time figuring out the day and it’s important to know what day it is!

Oh well, everything will be OK!

Which leads me to my final point —

Did you know that Sunday, March 23rd was OK Day, or the 175th anniversary of the invention word Okay (or O.K. or OK or Ok)?

I watched a great story about the word that one professor believes is America’s most successful export on the CBS Sunday Morning Show.

Therefore, as I sit here in my pajamas while the kids nap and when I could be getting dressed, I turn to the Greek phrase “ola kala,” which means all good and is one of the theories of OK’s origin.

I think Pete the Cat would agree with the Greeks.

This week I challenge you, no matter what day it is, keep walking along and singing your song!



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4 thoughts on “List of Seven on Sunday 4.9: OKAY

  1. Lance (and you) would fit right in with my first graders (and me)…I foresee many Pete the Cat storytimes once you get to PA! Definitely a favorite!

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