List of Seven on Sunday 5.0: SKATE

1. Newsworthy —

My friends have been spoiling me lately.

On Wednesday night the girls and I celebrated my birthday at – get this – a skating rink! After almost being born in a skating rink 34 years ago, learning how to skate in tandem with learning how to walk, and spending Friday nights with friends at a skating rink, it was fun to get out there and roll around on four orange wheels again after a 15 year absence.


Rental skates are still as ugly and dirty as ever.

I prayed that my toe stop would work when needed, discovered “How low can you go?” wasn’t low enough to win the limbo, danced while skating without inhibition to Don’t Stop Believing and Girls Just Want to Have Fun, and had many laughs with all the special friends I will soon have to say goodbye to when we move.


On Friday night, the Skate-ettes and husbands threw Jan and I a going away party and spoiled us with mementos to take with us as we skate on out of Danville.

Living in Danville the last five years has been a blessing, and the people who live here have been so good to us. The support through happy and sad moments, the inside jokes that are a result of good friendships, the outings, civic duties, sermons, parties and play dates – I love you all!

2. Personal progress —

I haven’t made any packing progress yet, other than the organizational thoughts in my mind, but it’s at the top of the “shit I need to do before we move” list. By and large, the reason I haven’t done anything about packing yet is because we are actually being packed and moved by Jan’s new employer. The only hiccup is that I have to figure out what we need to take for temporary housing until we can get into the house we bought. Having a one-year-old and three-year-old only slightly complicates those decisions.

So yeah, it’s more than a hiccup, it’s a headache, which I why I have been so productive about the task at hand!

(Others, may call it avoidance.)

3. Writer’s world —

My latest article in Evince is in print as the April issue went on the stands last week. My story is a farewell one of sorts that revolves around family history. You can read it here: April Evince.

4. Photo of the week —


Weekly visits with the Wise Old Owl are something we are going to sorely miss.

Weekly visits with the Wise Old Owl are something we are going to sorely miss.

5. Picture-less moment —

The next two weeks will be emotionally rough for me with lot’s of picture-less moments as we tie up loose ends. Even though we already had a going away party, I left the night easily telling friends, “I’ll still see you again before I move,” but pretty soon I will be saying the for real, for real goodbyes.

All of that on top of more “shit I need to do before me move,” like canceling our utilities/cable/Internet, changing our address, cleaning up our house for the rental agent to walk-through, coordinating efforts with the movers, signing more paperwork for the house, and yes, eventually packing for temporary housing — it’s all about to hit me, and I am trying to brace myself.

Then there’s the “shit I need to do after we move,” like switching banks, applying for Pennsylvania driver’s license and plates, purchasing home owner’s insurance, etc. I know it’ll all get done, and it certainly does not need to get done all at once, but it’s all sort of looming in the air around me. Good thing I have Jan to keep me grounded among all the looming!

Therefore, my preventative melt-down (yes, grown-ups have them, too) mantras are:

– Keep walking along and singing my song (Pete the Cat is wise beyond his appearance).

– There is no sense worrying about challenges and problems that haven’t happened yet. 

– I have strong nerves, I have strong nerves… (repeat over and over).

The last one I got from in-laws. They always write a message in my birthday card in English, and since it is not their first language, the message is not always worded the way a native English speaker would phrase a sentiment. For example, they wished me “strong nerves” during the move.

Strong nerves.

I like it — and a mantra was born!

6. Parenting thought —

When we first found out we were moving, we waited to tell Lance. It was way too early and I wanted to prolong answering 36 thousand questions a day about when we were moving. A few weeks ago, we did tell him and he seems pretty excited about the idea.

He won’t remember life in Danville (sniff, sniff) in the long run, and my goal is to play it completely cool and shield him from some sadness as we depart. Of course, I think it’s important to show your children behind the curtain a little bit, but at his age, all he needs to know is that his Mommy, Papa, sister, and pug dog are with him wherever he goes.

We’re trying to make the move fun for him — reading books about moving, talking about seeing family more, teaching him about a new state, telling him about living in a bigger house, and rallying him around the adventure of all the upcoming changes. I know he’ll be fine, and Vivian will go with the flow, but there will still be some temporary heartache for him. That’s unavoidable, but knowing ahead of time that I’ll need to give him some extra Mama security hugs for the first few weeks, I hope, will make his transition as smooth as possible.

After all, happiness awaits us in Happy Valley!

7. Humor —

As for Vivian, she’s not too concerned about much of anything right now except continually trying to master the walking gig and showing the first signs of fighting back against Lance when he roughly sidelines her out of nowhere from time to time.

Her method of retaliation? She pinches him!

And although I know I will soon need to start reprimanding her, I kind of enjoy watching her stealthy crawl up to him when he is not expecting it and purposefully pinch his ankles and legs.

Go get him, Little Sister. Go get him.

Have great week. Skate on with your bad self.

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8 thoughts on “List of Seven on Sunday 5.0: SKATE

  1. We’re glad you had fun roller skating! It brought back memories of when we had the 3 rinks and 45 kids on the payroll. Trying to keep them straight was half the fun.

    Hope the move goes smooth and we know……………………………………. it will be over before you know it.

    Will be in Milton area most of the Summer, hope to get to see you and that great family.

  2. Best of luck on moving! Moving for one is already hard enough, let alone a whole family (and with two little kids, yikes). I’m glad you’re taking plenty of memories with you though. The way I look at it, it can be sad moving away from friends but then that also means you have another pit stop in the world that you can go (back) to and not be worried about not knowing anyone. I hope that made sense.

    • That sounds like such a long time away, but I hope so!! Even though we keep up in the blogosphere, it’s still not the same as spending time in person.

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