Coin-operated car vacuum: A winning machine

This morning I vacuumed out my car for the first time in, well let’s just say, a lonnnng time. My stop at a coin-operated car vacuum turned into more than just another mundane cleaning experience.

Since the last time I have had a clean car, we added a baby to our family, allowed our pug dog on board, and made a major move across a few state lines. Not to mention the several thousand trips to see family before we bridged the distance. Add all that to a million snacks passed back and forth (Mommy, you take this sticky lollypop that I don’t want to eat any more) between two kids, tons of foot traffic in and out of the vehicle in various weather conditions and I truly feel bad for the person who has to empty out the machine after what I sucked up through that long, black hose today.

Originally, I felt the urge to vacuum out the car in the spring, but when I found out we were moving, I thought What’s the point? I’ll do it AFTER the move. Yeah, that makes more sense. And it did, but even after we moved, I had many “What’s the point moments?” due to all that’s involved during and after a move. Must-dos caused me delay, yet an increasing urge to rid myself of the dust I have been riding around with in my car continued to mount.

Last weekend we traveled, and I told myself after that trip I would indeed use precious time during preschool hours to get down and dirty this week. Dirty defined as crumbs, dirt, sand, dog hair, leaves, acorns, sticks, stickers, unidentified objects, unmentionables, and that yogurt covered raison that had melted and unmelted many times by the looks of its concealed state. I accidentally even vacuumed up a nickel in the process, but no, I am not sorry. Someone deserves more pay than the $6 I dropped into the machine.


After almost six months back in Pennsylvania, with a PA driver’s license and PA plates to prove it, this is the story I needed to write today. My writing sabbatical (chuckle) has been nice, but today I felt the urge to push “publish” on my blog again. Just like the urge I have been feeling to vacuum my car and suck up the debris of my former life, I am beginning to feel the urge to gather up the goodness around me as I set forth with new inspiration.

Moments for organized and whimsical writing these days have been few and far in between, yet whimsy in my everyday life is alive and well. Life with my husband and two growing kids is plentiful, and after finally spiffing up the family mobile, I feel ready to blog again as time allows.

So thank you coin-operated car vacuum. Not for giving me a sore knee when I nailed it on the armrest of one of the seats while trying to twist my body into a pretzel to reach the third row (not cool), and not for trying to make amends with me when you allowed me to find my long-lost car phone charger underneath the passenger seat, but for turning on a switch in my writing brain that led me to the keyboard with equal power as your suction that came to life when I dropped my quarters into your slots.


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4 thoughts on “Coin-operated car vacuum: A winning machine

  1. Britta! Glad to see you back. 🙂 A good number of my blogging friends have seemingly dropped away from the blogosphere so it’s always nice to see people publish something again. Of course, the silence means you’ve been actually having a life so that’s good too but it’s always reassuring when familiar faces land in my inbox. Tangent: this is the first time I’m hearing about a coin-operated car vacuum! I wonder if we even have these in California…

    • Thanks, good to hear from you! I’ve been wondering how you were doing. Funny that you’ve never heard of a coin-operated vacuum. Guess you’ll have to look around!

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