Back in the saddle

Well friends, after yet another blogging lapse I decided this past week that it is time to get back into the blogging saddle again.

I’ve been doing some major journaling, laying out writing plans and ideas for 2015, mapping out dreams, talking to trusted friends and confidants about my plans, and optimistically creating the framework for my impending future as a writer.

But since all of those lofty goals are simply unrealistic to accomplish in one day and my son is up early from his nap and sitting on my lap begging for involvement, I thought I’d interview him.

Giddy up.

Interview with Lance:

Me: What should I write about today?

Lance: Today? Before rest? Umm, Ice Age: The Meltdown.

Me: What’s your favorite part of that movie?

L: The sea monsters.

Me: What are you thinking about right now?

L: I am thinking about watching Despicable Me. You start with a D, Mommy…

(Now he is trying to tell me how to spell Despicable. Although I think Despicable is a little unrealistic as a first word to spell for a four-year-old, I am glad he is thinking big).

Me: Are you thinking about anything else right now other than watching movies?

L: No, but I do have a surprise for you. Mommy, you’re going to like my surprise.

Me: What is it?

L: It’s a hug.

(He is now hugging me. I love my job).

Me: Aww, thank you. This interview is over now.

L: No it’s not. This interview isn’t over.

(He is still talking. And talking… And talking… Now about wanting to write his name).

I surrender. I’ll let him and include it in my post.

Here it is:


Ok, he’s back on the floor now playing with mini-cars and putting them in and out of the slots of a wall organizer that has obviously not been hung on the wall yet.

(Yeah, still lot’s of picture-hanging decisions going on around here).

This is my life. With all this hugging and distractions, it may take me some time to continue onward in my journey as a writer, but for now, at least I made it to the keyboard today.

As I look out my window right now, I see the snowflakes falling and the snow mounting. One of those aforementioned movies is probably on the horizon for this afternoon.

What can I say?

Living in the northeast = movie extravaganzas on the cold days.

Vivian is still napping.

(I just felt the need to give her a shout-out. Hey Viv!)

My fingers keep typing, and I know I am jumping around right now.

Yep. Jumping fences and hurdles that have been in my way of writing, per se.

Yep. I’m jumping around alright, but it feels good to let my words free-flow after such a long break in blogging. Plus, that’s the thing about writing. It’s soooooooo easy to over think every word. Today I am just galloping along at rapid-fire speeds with a carefree mentality.


This just in: Lance knocked over said wall organizer on the floor and before apologizing had the gall to say, “How come this thing isn’t hung on the wall anyway?”

That’s it. Jan and I are hanging that sucker this weekend.

Where was I?

I have no idea.

Do you?

Lance has now moved onto looking through our passports at the pictures and stamps. He just brought mine to me and asked, “Who’s this?”

I said, “That’s me.”

Oh boy.

At this, I am going to sign off and go grow my hair back into beautiful long, blond  locks and carefully apply make-up the way I used to when I had time.

Hope you are well, my faithful readers.

Drop me a comment or get in touch when you get a chance. In other words, please take the reins from me.

I’d love to hear from you!

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8 thoughts on “Back in the saddle

  1. Glad to see you again in my inbox, Britta. 🙂 I think that’s the thing with having blogged for a while…. the newness of it all kind of wears off and then you get distracted by real life. It used to be that real life gave me so many genius nuggets for blogging but nowadays, I find that it’s a slog just trying to get the words out. In any case, glad you’ve made it back!

  2. Glad your back! I always enjoy reading your blog!And I’m extremely glad to know someone else has things laying against walls and not on them!

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