NYC Part 3: Staten Island

This post is the third installment of banter about my recent girls weekend in NYC. If you missed the first two, you can read them here: NYC Part 1: Feeding my soul and NYC Part 2: Round metal Ray-bans.


My girl’s weekend trip to New York City was almost a month ago. Almost a month ago. Time flies. Truly. I recently read that somewhere in your 30’s the time starts to peel away faster and faster. Being “somewhere in my 30’s” I agree. Before any more time peels away, I want to share more sentiments about my trip to the big city.

I broke this post into 4 parts because I touch on a few different topics and disorganization makes me crazy. Even though it might be confusing that the title of this blog post is Part 3 in a mini-series of NYC posts and there are 4 parts within Part 3, at least it won’t be disorganized.

Confusing? Yes.

Disorganized? No.

Never mind.

What I am trying to say is I want to tell you four short stories that I subtitled:

  1. Food & Beverage (F&B)
  2. She Saw, He Saw
  3. The cheap thrill
  4. Loved ones

I’ll even outline as I go so it’ll be easier to follow. I’m helpful and dorky and obsessively orderly like that!

(And unwilling to provide proper transitions).

Ok, ok… without further ado…

1. Food & Beverage (F&B)

We ate good on the trip. My friend, aka The Map, made all the dinner reservations and picked some outstanding restaurants. We ate French food at Balthazar in SoHo on the first night, we ate Italian food at Morandi in the West Village on the second night, and we ate Chinese food at Buddakan in the Meat Packing District on our last night in New York.

Hungry yet?

I don’t take a lot of pictures of food, but I did take this one of our shared dessert at Buddakan.


My intended focal point was more about the unity of our four hands, armed with forks, digging into yet another soul feeding moment on our trip. Rest assured though, the chocolate pistachio cremoso hiding in the shadows didn’t stand a chance against our hunger for an indulgence.

Onto drink.

I wet my tongue with many delicious beverages on this trip. On my birthday I drank a 7 and 7 for old-time sake. I don’t know why, but I suspect it had something to do with feeling young(er). I went through at 7 and 7 phase about ten years ago. Weird.

I later toasted my birthday with my favorite mixed drink that hasn’t fluctuated with age: A dirty vodka martini.


I also had my first taste of cucumber and lemon infused ice water. Throughout the trip, I noticed this refreshing bev was a fixture in just about every restaurant or coffee shop I went to thereafter.

I’ll drink to that concoction.


My most artistic looking drink of the weekend was a latte at Gimme! Coffee. Not only was the latte artsy and tasty, but the name of the coffee shop was effective.

Gimme! Coffee.

Concise and to the point.


Unrelated to art whatsoever, I drank a huge Bud Light on the Staten Island Ferry the next afternoon. Just because.

So about Staten Island… Yeah… Umm… Staten Island. So yeah…

Warning: Mild adult humor to follow as I awkwardly transition to the second part of Post 3.

2. She Saw, He Saw

On the second afternoon of our trip, my friends and I boarded the Staten Island Ferry solely for the purpose of fun, free entertainment (and Bud Light apparently). Before boarding, I snapped this picture:


Now what do you see, Ladies?

Because my friends, my wholesome dear sweet friends, saw: Penis Land.

Look again.

Do you kind of see how one’s imagination might just happen to see a P in front of the rest of the text?

I know, I know. Here we were on a (married) GIRL’S weekend and already some of us had penis on the brain.

So yeah… that is what “She Saw.” Never mind the “Stat” part of Staten Island that got cut off. It’ll forever be a P for the four of us, and now maybe some of you. Sorry ’bout that!

Let’s just chalk that one up to our heterosexuality and move on because, since this is the first time I have ever written “penis” on my blog, I am starting to feel uncomfortable.

What “He Saw” was a little softer. But not much.

I showed the following picture to my husband when I got home:


Excitedly, I said, “Look! Notice anything fun about this picture?”

His response was, “Nice. You went to Hooters?”

What?! Hooters?

I hadn’t even noticed the “Hoot” in the picture, yet that was the first thing that his male eyes zeroed in on. Writing the word Hooters doesn’t make me nearly as uncomfortable as writing the word penis on the blog, but I think I better move on anyway. Heaven forbid certain search terms attract the wrong kind of readers to my blog, if you know what I mean. Ai yi yi, it’s only biology here…

Oh! But in case you are wondering what the “fun” thing about the picture was, it is my friend, aka Madame Sunglasses from the last post, and I on the huge jumbo-tron.

Look again.

That’s us above the Spinelli’s Pizza sign. Our fifteen seconds of fame on the big screen in the near of Penn Station, Ladies and Gentlemen.

3. The cheap thrill

Also on the second afternoon of our trip, I started Facebook messaging a friend from growing up who lives in the city. We were spontaneously trying to make plans to meet. At some point, she in-boxed me her current cell phone number so we could text instead.

I sent her the following text:

Hi. What are you doing tonight? Friends and I are eating at Morandi in the West Village at 9 if you want to join? Otherwise we could meet you for a walk or coffee in the AM.

Within five seconds I got a response back that read:

Can’t wait to meet up, btw what do you look like?

And then before I had a chance to process, a second text came in that read:

Because if your good looking I’m down for a trip

Let’s just say I obviously had the wrong number.

I never wrote (him?) back, but my friends and I sure did roar about the exchange that was happening with someone other than my friend. You see, that’s the thing about girl’s weekends — cheap (innocent) thrills get us giddy. Either that or those Bud Lights were the gift that kept on giving that afternoon.

The next day we sorted out the whole wrong cell phone number issue, and I got to meet up with my friend. We all lived happily ever after, and I haven’t heard from the inconspicuous texter since then.

4. Loved ones

As much tasty F&B I consumed on the trip and as much laughter as the mild adult humor and cheap thrill provided me with, my loved ones at home kept me grounded.

On the first night I texted my family a picture of me holding the yellow car (from my son) and the bouncy ball (from my daughter) that my kids tucked into my purse before I left home. Throughout the trip, I kept one in each coat pocket and cupped my hands around them frequently.


I bought my husband a shave brush and some fancy shaving cream because I was thinking of his face, even though he didn’t send me off with a yellow car or bouncy ball. The nerve!


The New York Shaving Company

One afternoon, when I was eating a soft pretzel as I strolled toward Penn Station to meet Madame Sunglasses I held it up to take a picture of the shape I had unintentionally formed with my bites. The shape reminded me of how my little boy writes the letter E sometimes. Like a backwards C with a stem in the middle. My heart ached a little for him.


So you see, being away definitely makes the heart grow fonder.

‘Nuff Said.

This concludes part four of Part 3, which I hope wasn’t too confusing for you because my writing always makes perfect sense to me. Ha!

You may now step off the ferry from Staten Island and return to your previously scheduled day. I recommend that you consume some tasty F&B at your earliest convenience. Your soul will thank you. I do not recommend the dirty vodka martini unless you are off the job, but I do recommend the fancy water at any time.

Over the weekend I challenge you to keep your eyes open for any signs or pictures that might make you think of……………

Never mind. I feel uncomfortable all over again.

I’ll be back next week with a final NYC post about the reasons why the four of us took this trip and why it is important to get away with your girlfriends every once in a while. Should be entertaining… and it might just inspire you to plan your next getaway!

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