De-pugging my house

While most people de-clutter their houses, this morning I found myself de-pugging my house. My efforts started when I came to terms with the fact that my weekly vacuuming regime in our sunroom, the room where Luke the Pug spends most of his time, wasn’t enough to keep up with his fur situation.

That was months ago. Months of thinking about de-pugging, but not taking action. See how hard I work!

Last week I felt my threshold for his dog hair becoming dangerously close to a boiling point. Boiling point is when I flip out and raise my voice and stomp my feet about something that irritates me. Usually it’s best for me to avoid boiling points, which is why I have learned to maintain a steady and calm simmer.


This week, in order to avoid a boiling point, I took action to de-pug.

Pugs are notorious for shedding all year round, and after a cold winter where His Pugness didn’t get outside much or have his fur brushed, he began to pug up our sunroom.

I started by taking the three large warm and fleecy-cozy blankets and the cover of his dog bed to the laundromat. We’ve been wrapped up in the blankets all winter long, Luke the Pug included, and I decided it was time to wash, dry, fold, and pack ’em up. Be gone winter blankets! Be gone pug fur!

When I got home with clean blankets and a clean dog bed cover,  I took Luke the Pug outside for some brushing. If there were such a thing as Fur for Love, Luke the Pug would have made a generous contribution today.

Clearly he needed brushed, and I am glad I interrupted him from his daily routine that consists of sleeping on the couch… sleeping on the ottoman… occasionally sleeping on his dog bed… finding a patch of sun to sleep in… scratching behind his ears when he’s trying to solve a problem… tilting his head in concern when I ask him a question… you know, all the important things pugs do to keep busy during the day.

My next plan of action was to start vacuuming all of the furniture. I got out all the necessary attachments to my vacuum cleaner and was all fired up, but then it was time for pre-school pick-up and that was as far as I got.

I wonder how long the vacuum cleaner will sit there before I continue de-pugging? My kids are napping, or at least one of them is, and I could be out there vacuuming the couches or brushing His Pugness down for the second time today, but I thought he deserved some press on the blog.

Blogging is way more fun than de-pugging or vacuuming. Blogging is way more fun than a lot of things. So if you’re a procrastinator, I recommend starting a blog immediately. Oh wait, do you mind finishing reading my post first? Luke the Pug needs your attention.

Just look at him.


Ok, so when we moved last year I coined him Luke the Pugsylvanian on the blog, but it’s been a looooooooong time since I have written a feature about him.

So when I turned to him an hour ago, instead of the vacuum cleaner, his face seemed to say:

Please blog about me today. De-pugging can wait. I’m getting old. It isn’t just that you haven’t written about me in so long. I am totally buzz worthy. Don’t you know I could be trending by now? My glory days are passing me by! Fans want to know what I’ve been up to! I’m tired of taking a backseat to the children! They’ve been ruining my view for years. 

I think he might be right.

I mean, just look at his pug shot (I mean mug shot) again. Look how Pugable (I mean lovable) he is. He’s just so Puggly (I mean ugly) that I just want to scratch his widdle pug face and listen to him snort. Then after I get him good and riled up, I want to watch him fall asleep and laugh at his tail uncurling with his every breath of relaxation.

Yes I could be de-pugging right now, yet I felt pulled to write about Luke the Pug, the dog with many nicknames, this afternoon. After all he is still my first love in this family. If ever I am at a boiling point, I lie down near him and he immediately snuggles into the crook of my body and helps me take a breather. I get all covered up in fleecy, puggy blankets and with the mere presence and warmth of his pugish little frame, I feel calm.

Luke the Pug always brings that out in me. He’s been is a fixture in my life for almost eight years. I’ll never forget adopting him from his old life and bringing him into mine.

Luke the Pug is aging and that makes me sad. He’ll be 12 years old in June. I mean, can’t you tell? Look at all those wrinkles. Ha!

The good news is that Luke the Pug is still quite spritely for his age. The other bit of good news is that he is no less photogenic. Ha!

He really is quite regal.

He really is quite regal.

Just look at His Pugness. He deserves nothing but love, and even on days when he’s up under foot, I remind myself of just how special he is. This one’s for you, Luke the Pug.

Now about that vacuum cleaner… Nah, I think I need another “breather” next to puggy first. His daily routine is much more appealing than de-pugging. Besides, my threshold is simmering for now.

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