No macaroni left behind

So far today, my son has said the following to me:

“Thanks for turning on the sprinkler, Mom! I’ll stop bothering you now.”

And then,

“I got the recipe at Target!” when I asked him and his friend where they got the recipe for their pretend “Hazelnut Soup” that consisted of a bucket of water, three paper towels, and Mardi Gras beads.

Ok. I am left with two conclusions.

1. My son is well aware of that fact that (on occasion) he bothers me.

2. Target is the be all and end all for every answer.

Boy he’s growing up fast!

And so am I.

I’ve been at this mothering and blogging thing for over four years now. With all of my heart, I know I am a good Mom and have a grip on my day job as stay-at-home-Mom.

I am also learning to be more confident about my voice as a writer. For years now, I’ve over thought and over analyzed and held back on my writing aspirations, but I am reaching the point of “Let it Go.”

Another conclusion:

3. Disney and Idina Menzel apparently have answers for moms.

Thanks Elsa from Frozen, you empowered little lady. You inspire me.

I enjoy being a stay-at-home-Mom. I mean, who wouldn’t love staying in their pajamas on some days and getting endless hugs from little people all day? Who wouldn’t love sitting in the sun on their back deck enjoying good conversation with a friend while watching our kids play on a sunny Friday morning?


Lately, I’ve felt frustrated, and quite possibly a little bored, with my day-to-day. Maybe it was winter. Maybe it was a phase. Maybe I am ready to unleash the writing beast within.

The point is: It is summertime, and I am ready for a renewed sense of fun with more confidence and less self-inflicted restrictions as I continue my path as a stay-at-home-mom and writer.

Even if that means, eating my kids leftover macaroni and cheese, that has been sitting in the sun for an hour, out of a paper bowl with a broken plastic spoon. I mean, who could hold back on that opportunity?

Smile with your eyes and open your mouth.

I love my kids!

As Hoda Kotb would say, “Think of someone you love, and smile with your mouth open.”

Here’s to Friday.

Here’s to the moment.

Here’s to keeping it real.

Here’s to being real.

Here’s to everyday life.

Here’s to small children.

Here’s to chasing dreams.

Here’s to being a Mom, no matter where you are at in your journey.

Happy Mother’s Day this weekend, friends!

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blogger, picture-taker, diaper-changer, runner

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