Favorite words my kids misuse

My four-year-old son has always been rather prolific. He talked full sentences at 18 months, he easily grasps and understands the meaning of some pretty sophisticated words, and he is well versed in the German language.

Even so, he is still only four and has a lot to learn. Like all kids, as he continues to understand more about language he’s bound to misuse words.

My favorites of late:

1. Instead of reading the instructions before playing a new board game or putting together Legos, he asks me to read the “constructions.”

2. Grabbing at my nightshirt the other day and catching a glimpse of what was underneath, he giggled and said, “Mommy I see your nibbles!”

Nibbles? Don’t you mean nipples, son?

I look forward to embarrassing him with that one someday.

3. “How come they don’t have ‘journals’ in the ladies bathroom, Mommy?” Ha! Journals, urinals – it’s all the same in his world.

About the sophisticated words he uses? The other day I lost my patience with him and his little sister because they were fighting for the umpteenth million time that day.

“Stop antagonizing each other!” I barked.

Of course, I then realized neither of them probably had a clue what that word meant, so I chose a different word. Bothering. After they settled down I mentioned to my son that antagonizing is a fancy word for bothering. I only had to tell him once for him to comprehend.

A few days later my dad was visiting and kept teasing him. The madder and madder my son got, I knew retaliation was coming. What I didn’t expect him to do was run over to me screaming, “Pop is antagonizing me!”

Correct usage? Bingo.

I sure am enjoying all the words we are learning and mixing up these days.


As for my daughter, she is two-years-old and in the early stages of talking. At this point, she talks in full, simple sentences with the occasional misuse of pronouns. Sometimes she even doubles up on them.

My favorites of late:

1. “I love you me,” she says.

2. If someone says or does something she is not in favor of she says, “I no like that.”

3. When she passes gas, she looks around and sheepishly says, “Excuse you me poop toot.”

All the “you me’s” melt my heart, and though I am not fond of the “poop toot” part, it is funny. I look forward to embarrassing her with that one someday.

Vocabulary and grammar never sounded so good around here.

What words do your kids misuse or have misused in the past? I would love to hear some!

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8 thoughts on “Favorite words my kids misuse

  1. Britta,
    Your posts always make me giggle! Thanks for sharing!
    All three of my boys call nipples, “nibbles” even after countless times of me correcting them. They always giggle when they catch a glimpse of mine:). They also make it very well known that God gave me tiny ones…crazy that they notice things like that at such a young age.

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