The pool

The pool, the pool!

We joined the pool in our neighborhood this summer.

Last year we were only living here for part of the summer and my kids were too much of a handful to try to watch both at such young ages, so I did not bother joining. This year they are almost 4 1/2 and 2 1/2, and while neither of them still knows how to swim they are much more capable of exploring the small pool and splash pool together or own their own, while I “supervise.”

I haven’t quite figured out what “supervise” means for me yet. We’ve gone twice, and I’ll admit I have spent a good part of both of those times sitting in a chair watching. Or sitting on the side of the pool with my feet in. I’m cool with that, even though I am just sitting there by myself. I snapped a few pictures the first day we went, but I don’t want to get psycho about capturing their every move just because I am bored. I did not take any yesterday and just sort of drank in their play and smiled on the inside. They love the pool, and I love watching them love the pool.


Also yesterday, I took them both into the big pool with their puddle jumpers on. Lance loved the freedom and was immediately off paddling around on his own gaining confidence in the water. Vivian stuck to me with octopus arms and legs. Not wanting to push her too much, I held her tight and I assured her I would not let go. I am hoping she gets more comfortable soon, and I am sure she will. In the meantime, I finally got her to allow me to walk out far enough were we could play “bouncy-bouncy,” which is basically a game where we bounce up and down together in the water. She belly laughs, and I imagine I look like a complete fool. Oh well, at least my legs are getting a nice work-out.

Last year, I remember reading a funny article on Scary Mommy called The 10 Moms You Meet at The Pool. As I was sitting on the side of the pool by me, myself, and I the past few days and thinking about the article, I am wondering which mom I am.

The last few years I was definitely 5. The Toddler plus New Infant Desperation Mom.

This year I am going for 1. The Regulars. Except it’s only me right now, so disregard the “s.” I have no small group of women to match chairs or coordinate snacks with yet, and if I did I definitely would welcome others to join me. For the past few days, it has just been me and my kids and our animal crackers. Which leads me to why I think I am most definitely a 7. The Mom Looking For a Friend, Any Friend.

I’m not too worried or desperate for a friend though – I do have Shawanda Dangerous after all. I know she’ll join us soon. And then we can be #7’s together. Or maybe 3. The Fun Mom. But I wouldn’t take it too far as to make others look bad. I like to swim and my kids are part of that.

Whatever will be, will be. I am simply looking forward to fun in the sun with my kids. Easy, breezy joyful moments with endless rays of sunshine. If there was a #11 I would title it 11. The Simpletons. Yes, that is what I am going for this year. You won’t see me toting around a bunch of gear and big heavy bags and kid stuff and coolers and chairs and complicated ideas. Just us, our bathing suits, a towel to share, a bucket, and a rubber ducky. You won’t see me stressing over the small things or not be able to see me at all because my head is buried in my phone.

Nope, I’ll be sitting around happily watching my kids or playing bouncy-bouncy.

I may even bring a paperback to read and a lollypop for them.

Yes, that’s what we’ll do.

Hello, we are The Simpletons.

Want to be our friend?

Happy swimming season!

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