Blue tutu of happiness

Over the weekend we were at a party and my two-year-old daughter expressed an interest in getting her first tutu – a blue one to be exact. I made a mental note, but I am not one to go out and buy my kids their every heart’s desire. Spoiling my kids is not in the realm of my parenting duties.

Plus, I am definitely not a tutu person and, though they are cute, I wasn’t sure how I felt about all that frill in my house. When I had a girl I knew it’d be different than having a boy, but do we really need tutu’s? I never had one. I had brothers.

Last night we received an unexpected package from a special person in Vivian’s life. In the package was a tutu – a blue one to be exact.

Full of frill.

She loves it.

She dances and twirls her way around the house now.

She even wore it in public today while walking the dog.

Little girl in a blue tutu, her latest interest, walking Luke the Pug this morning. #blogging101

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The smile on her face upon receiving the tutu was priceless. My [unexpected] smile was, too. I am sure of that. Because even though I am not a tutu person, maybe my daughter is a tutu person and she deserves to explore that interest. As her mother, it is my job to help her do so. In this case, someone else helped me.

Seeing Vivian’s giant smile and the child-like thrill over receiving a blue tutu, something that she wanted, made me happy. The best way I can describe why is because someone, other than me, thought she was special enough to have one. Also, because other people tend to fill in the gaps for us parents when we get so fixated on knowing what is best for our kids all the time. We do know what’s best, of course – especially for the little ones – but our kids are still their own evolving person(s). I am sure I will need to remind myself of this as my kids get older. That is, not to project my interests, or disinterests rather, on them.

Regardless, I don’t like buying my kids too many things because it sets the precedence that I can deliver anything they want. They will learn in life that, not only am I unable to do that, I wouldn’t want to. Children have to learn to deliver their own happiness and know that it does not come in the form of toys (or even tutus) – a lesson that will take them their entire childhood and beyond to learn, but one that I am committed to teaching them.

For now though, I have no problem with other people spoiling my kids at their tender age. Someone has to right?! Therefore, the [unexpected] fulfillment of my little girls heart’s desire and the simple act of kindness and attention that went into the gesture made for the best gift. AND it made me happy that she was happy. I am not sure my buying her a blue tutu could have delivered quite the same effect.

So thank you to the special person who thought of my girl. Well played.

For any parents reading today, I hope you take time to acknowledge the next person who brings a smile to your child’s face, for there is no better feeling than knowing that other people in your circle of family and friends love your children.

As I wrap up these sweet thoughts about my daughter’s blue tutu of happiness, I am suddenly flooded with the memory of when I sat in a movie theater with some friends just a few days before I went into labor with her. The movie playing was Silver Linings Playbook. Fittingly today, there’s a dancing component in the movie, and during a touching love scene between Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, they dance to The Girl from the North Country by Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash.

Incidentally, it’s the last song I remember listening to on my playlist right before Vivian was born in the frenzy of my last push as she entered the world. Crazy thinking about that today. That blue tutu has gone straight to my head!

At any rate, The Girl from the North Country will always make me think of my girl and becoming a mother to my sweet baby daughter.

The song is a little wistful, but if Vivian ever decided to dance to it in a blue tutu full of frill, I would totally let her. And I would totally wish for someone to pay kind attention to her again.

I leave you with lyrics today.


Editor’s Note: This post was intended for a specific audience in mind as part of a Blogging 101 assignment. Some new elements I explored to stretch myself were embedding an Instagram picture and an audio file.

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10 thoughts on “Blue tutu of happiness

  1. Thanks for sharing – that was a genuinely heart-warming post. Is is wrong that I now want a blue tutu. Actually don’t answer that…

  2. I love the women who wear tutus in races…. there is no activity that a tutu is not suitable for. Can’t wait to catch a sighting of a tutu walking her sweet little dog…

  3. Ha! Just saw Kristen’s comment. I have been known to wear a tutu for local races. What can I say? Anyways, love the story of the blue tutu. If your daughter continues to adore the tutu and wants different colors you can make them at home very inexpensively. I made mine with a strip of elastic and some tulle…no sewing! 🙂

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