About my “About” page


I am on day seven of Blogging101. Yesterday, I re-vamped my “About” page.

For the non-bloggers, an About pages tells readers, well, what you are all about. It’s always a good idea to share a few things about yourself and your writing to allow people to decide if you are worth reading. For many bloggers, this is a tough task. The About page can make or break you when it comes to gaining new readers.

After I fiddled with mine last night, I sent the link to a handful of people in my life this morning — people who I thought could offer me some valuable feedback. So far, I am not disappointed by the responses I am receiving.

My husband’s has been my favorite. He copied and pasted the text to create a PDF and provide comments via professional means. Always the academic. I love him for that!

My mom called me because, according to the voicemail she left, has too much to say and it’s easier to talk than write an email. I haven’t called her back yet, but I hope she tells me how great I am. I love her for that!

Some of my friends have given me insightful points and then changed subjects or shared an update from their end. It’s been nice to connect!

One of my friends sent me a response that was longer than my About page. I love her for that!

According to the powers that be, you really aren’t supposed to blog about blogging during the course, but I had to share. I’m not always a rule follower anyway. Especially at this point in life. I mean, I was nearly four days late to the course, and that hasn’t held me back.

Regardless, I do understand where the folks at Blogging University are coming from. It’s kind of like a Maya Angelou quote that I read in a newspaper article after she died. Her words stuck with me, and even though I am unable to recall them verbatim, she said something to the effect of: Writing about writing is unproductive.


But since I have gone through the trouble to blog about blogging and write about writing in the past, could you give my “About” page a once over and provide feedback? That is, if you haven’t already kindly done so.

Next time I post, I hope I can find something more entertaining to write about, though I have a feeling I’ll be sharing a little more about the changes I am making to my blog and what I am learning by taking the course. I’m overly cerebral like that.

I’ll be working on my header and background next, as well as playing with some new graphics for my layout and design. All in due time, of course.

Have a great day everyone. Thank you so much for providing feedback!

Here is the link to my About if you didn’t notice ‘About the Banter’ on the menu or click on one of the hyperlinks: https://brittapetrich.com/about-the-banter/

About britta326

blogger, picture-taker, diaper-changer, runner

6 thoughts on “About my “About” page

  1. May I join the “late homework” group of the cook kids? 🙂 Sometimes late means “carefully and creatively constructed”. First, I think you give an amazing overview of what the above page is for people who are new or distant to blogging. I also think that your above page gives a great overview of who you are, what you like and what you are writing about. The way you lay out the topics and your passion (writing, family memoirs) creates an immediate urge to follow in a reader like me. I really like it.

    • Thanks for your comment and the glowing feedback. I love the “carefully and creatively constructed” excuse for being late. At least we are all trying, right? 🙂

  2. So far, I just like how professional everything feels. Which, as you mentioned in your About page, is kind of the point since this also doubles as a portfolio. I go to my About page every now and then and update it/make changes when I need to but I think you did a pretty darn good job of being just general enough yet still specific enough to capture the essence of what you’re doing here. 🙂

  3. Hi Lillian. Thanks for that. I really appreciate your feedback, especially since you’ve been reading for awhile now. I’ve updated my About page two or three times since blogging, but now I am really trying to put some effort into it now that I think I finally have some idea of what I am doing here 😉

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