Two bottles of champagne

Question: What do you need to blow up a kids pool?

Answer: Two bottles of champagne.


Let me explain.

Yesterday my in-laws decided to blow up a kids pool (for my kids, duh) to play in since the weather took a turn for hotter-than-hot. After getting out the air pump, only to realize they didn’t have the right adaptor to fit in the size of the blow-up thingy, they paused.

But only for a minute.

A neighbor walked over to brainstorm.

The three of them quickly came to a solution. They could use a champagne cork to rig as an adapter since it seemed about the size of the blow-up thingy (port?).

Without hesitation, my mother-in-law went to the cellar and returned with a bottle of champagne. As she was walking toward us, she uncorked it.

And uncorked it, she did.

The cork went flying beyond the trees into the neighbor’s yard.

We stared in disbelief.

Then started laughing hysterically, except the kids who stood there scared beyond belief and thought Oma was trying to kill them with a champagne cork.

The neighbor and I started looking for the cork.

My mother-in-law didn’t have time for that.

Without hesitation, she returned to the cellar for a second bottle of champagne.

This time, carefully, she uncorked it. The kids cowered behind my legs as it popped.

In no time the three of them rigged it to fit over the blow-up thingy (port?).

And don’t you know?

It worked.

The winning cork.

The winning cork.

The kids pool is up and running.

Now you may be wondering if we drank the champagne.

Well, what would you do?

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