Zero with one bonus

My son lives for his next piece of candy.

Jokingly, I call him the Candy Man because, seriously, the kid will do anything to win a candy reward.

“Lance, will you please go get in the bathtub?”

No response.

“I’ll give you a Twizzler after I’ve scrubbed you clean.”

Immediate action.

So while I try not to abuse the candy bribes, sometimes they make my life a whole lot easier.

My son also loves his dessert, particularly in the form of candy, of course. He loves gummy bears and we got into the habit of deciding on a number that he can have for dessert. It’s usually four – his age – but recently he started asking for “four with one bonus.”


Tickled by his clever ability to finagle, I conceded and now give him four with one bonus.

But one day, fed up with his need for a constant sugar-drip running through his veins, when he asked for four gummy bears with one bonus, I flat-out said, “No, you may not have any today.”

He thought about this for a minute. I braced myself for his impending complaints, but instead he considerately said, “Ok that’s fine, but how about zero with one bonus today?”

Now seriously. Come on.

He totally out-finagled himself. I wanted to say no again and be exasperated like I usually am when he won’t take no for an answer, but this was too good.

And so it goes around here. As a hide my grin and tell him no candy, he always manages to get zero with one bonus.

The Candy Man refuses to lose.


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9 thoughts on “Zero with one bonus

    • He quick on his feet, too, which makes it hard to stay ahead of him. If he becomes a politician that’ll be the ultimate joke on me. I despise politics and avoid political conversations at all cost 🙂

      • I agree. I avoid them as well! Maybe he could make a difference and make the word “politician” have a positive connotation to it. I try to be optimistic, that’s my politics. ;). He sounds like a bright, persuasive, and influential young lad–all wonderful qualities.

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