Seven on Sunday 5.1: LIST

1. News —

The biggest news around here is that List of Seven on Sunday is back. In an effort to get everyone on board with the format of this weekly post, here’s how the it is going to work…

Historically, list of Seven on Sunday, or “Seven on Sunday” as I’ve now decided to call it, features seven blurbs centered around seven sub-topics happening in my life. When I first started Seven on Sunday, there weren’t any sub-topics, and I just let ‘er rip when I wrote. Then I decided it was easier for me as the writer and you as the reader to organize around a loose structure.

After taking a hiatus from writing Seven on Sunday for a year-and-a-half, I am further evolving this weekly post by tightening up the sub-topics into mini-newspaper sections, much like you would find in a regular print-version of a Sunday paper. In reality, this is pretty ridiculous. But on the Banter? It’s a suitable parody.

Seven on Sunday, geared toward the avid-yet-leisure Sunday reader with a short-attention span, is written for readers looking for entertainment. The ideal reader enjoys soft-news, void of all libel in relation to politics, crime, and finance.

So what are the seven sections in Seven on Sunday?

The first is News of course, followed by Weather, Sports, Arts & Entertainment, Lifestyle, Opinions, and Comics.

2. Weather —

I’m not actually going to give a weather report in this section, but you might expect something seasonal, related to climate or a corresponding holiday in this section. Or maybe a story centered around my local weather that readers all across the globe can appreciate, even if I just experienced a blizzard and you are reading Seven on Sunday on your smartphone while floating on a raft in blue-green waters off the shore of a tropical island.

Currently in my next of the woods, fall is in the air…

The sidewalk in front of the local grocery store this morning.

The sidewalk in front of a local grocery store this morning.

3. Sports —

This section may be about running or yoga, which are the sports I “play.” But you can also bet, I will be bantering about college football this fall. I live in a college town, and I went to college at a major university with a prominent football team. Go team!

(Don’t worry, I won’t banter about cheerleading.)

4. Arts & Entertainment —

Now this is my kind of news. I am not exactly sure where this section will take us, but I am looking forward to tapping into the local beat, in addition to buzz-worthy topics. Nothing like a sprinkling of A&E in your life in the midst of day-jobs and responsibility-laden worlds. We all need an escape. I hope I can provide you one here and inspire you to enjoy the finer things in life, like movies, theater, television, music, art, and design.

5. Lifestyle —

I suspect this section is where I will write about parenting and family, since it is a big part of my life. Other topics might include travel, health & fitness, food, fashion, hobbies, and Luke the Pug. I considered making an entire “section” of this “paper” devoted to Luke the Pug, but I didn’t want it to go to his head. Given that owning a pug is a lifestyle in itself, tales of Luke the Pug are most likely to show up here.

The dog who has it all.

The dog who has it all.

This section will also be devoted to giving shout-outs to important people in my life. For example, happy 30th birthday today to my twin cousins, Angela & Bethany!! In addition to being doubly wonderful, the two of them easily fit into this section.

Angela write an awesome travel blog at Angela Travels.

Bethany is a photographer with her own business called Bethany K Photography.

6. Opinions —

Given I dislike controversy and taking sides, I considered not including an opinions sections. But then I decided that Seven on Sunday is an opportunity to stretch myself as a writer. I’m such a middle-of-the-road gal and avoid confrontation at all cost, but it’s time I start taking a stand on a few issues.

Let me give it try.

Chocolate or vanilla?

Definitely vanilla. No wait, I couldn’t live without chocolate!

Do you see the problem I have?

I promise to get better.

7. Comics —

Growing up, my favorite comics were Peanuts, Garfield, The Far Side, and Blondie. Some may say comics are the best part of a newspaper.

I also used to frequently browse my parents Reader’s Digest magazine. Inevitably I would turn to the “Laughter is the Best Medicine” page for some laughs.

And how about The New Yorker? The cartoons are arguable the best part of the magazine. I couldn’t say for sure though (see number 6.).


That’s a wrap for this week.

Until I get going, hang in there with me because of the above is subject to change. Ha!

I need to experiment for a few weeks and see how Seven on Sunday works for me and you.

The point is this: Seven on Sunday is a weekly newspaper parody on Britta’s Banter for people, with nothing else to read on Sunday, who have short-attention spans and would like to avoid the real world at all cost.

Let’s see where this takes us, shall we?


Your Editor-in-chief


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