Seven on Sunday 5.2: GATSBY

1. News —

On September 4, 2015 I walked into my office to a black computer screen. And not black because the computer was shut down but black because the power source inside my computer was kaput, or so the Apple computer doctors have told me.

Not cool.

I’ve pretty much been in a bad mood ever since. Internally at least. No power within.

Wait, did I just liken myself to my computer?

Oh brother. It’s gonna be one of those blog posts.

Last Sunday, I blogged on my iPad at the dining room table without complaint like the half-glass-full girl that I am.


Not the case this week as I begrudgingly type.

I want my sick computer back from the doctors, and until he or she (I haven’t decided on the gender of my computer yet) is safely back at home I reserve all rights to complain openly, as well as blog poorly because I am ill-equipped without him (It’s a boy!).

2. Weather —

Chilly, cloudy, and dreary on this September Sunday in Pennsylvania.

3. Sports —

Last weekend, both of my college football teams lost.

On the upside, Germany beat Scotland in soccer, and I completed an 8.5 mile run.

This weekend, both of my college football teams won. I can now safely admit that I am a Virginia Tech fan and a Penn State fan.

On the downside, I haven’t logged a single mile on my favorite running trail. No power within again.

4. Arts & Entertainment —

There is no Arts & Entertainment in my life to report this week.

5. Lifestyle —

For some reason, all I can think of writing in this section is about “The lifestyles of the rich and famous!” After that my mind blanks. I’ll try harder next week.

6. Opinions —

I am reading The Great Gatsby right now. It’s a book I wanted to read in high school and then in college, but always managed to sidestep the desire or assignment by choosing other books to read. Which leads me to wonder, do I really even want to read it or simply feel like I should read it given it is coined a “Great American Novel” and I like being well-read.

After picking up a hard copy at a used book sale last year, I started reading it in late July. I am a little over half-way through it. Yet to figure out what is so great about the book, I keep trudging along at a snail’s pace, but with little to no interest in the ending. The biggest reason I continue to read is because I refuse to quit reading a book half-way through, let alone a highly acclaimed book in American history. I’d just hate to miss out on any big revelation at the end that I could apply to my present day life.

Then I read something the other night about “Throwing the book across the room,” which basically means don’t finish books you think are absolutely terrible. Chances are you will never read all the books you want to read in a lifetime so why waste your time reading the awful ones.

To throw across the room or not throw across the room?

To throw across the room or not throw across the room?

Now I am not saying The Great Gatsby is an awful piece of literature, it’s just that times have changed since its publication in 1925, let alone since the age of the Internet. My novel-reading abilities have suffered since online reading. I just don’t have the stick-to-it-ness to read more than two or three pages of a book at a time unless it is really captivating, relevent to my life, or was published within the last five to ten years by authors who know how to connect with people living in this day and age. Which is why after almost two months of reading The Great Gatsby I am only on page 92 of a mere 159 page book.

What’s your opinion?

Right here and now I have decided to recommit to reading this book, and I will finish it despite the contrary opinion to throw it across the room.

Back into the 1920’s I go.

They didn’t have computers back then so maybe I can start identifying with the characters a little better until I get my boy back. I hope Jay Gatsby says something prolific at the end and brings the sunshine back into my life.

7. Comics —

I follow a popular, yet crude blog, from time-to-time called The Bloggess, written by Jenny Lawson. She has two books out. Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, which I have read, and Furiously Happy,  which just came out this month and is on my to-read list.

Lawson’s blog and her books are irreverent ramblings with frequent references to taxidermy and mental illness. Much more my speed.

Not that I have any stuffed, dead animals around my house. But maybe one day. I can’t predict these kind of things.

On the other hand, I can relate to some of her mental disorders. You may already be aware of this if you are a regular reader or know me. Or maybe not, since I don’t come right out with any declaration or details or sad stories about some of my problems (I’m too scurrrrred to travel down those dark paths again). The point is, Jenny Lawson doesn’t beat around the bush about any of her disorders. I like that. Plus, she swears a lot and I like that, too. I don’t swear a lot on my blog, but I like to swear around the non-judging acquaintances in my life.

She said something in one of her latest blog posts that made me laugh because it is spot on when it comes to how I feel about the Banter.

On blogging, she said, “It’s about writing whatever crazy shit you want to write and having some people say, “YES! I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE!” and some say “What the shit is wrong with you?” and 99.9% of the world say nothing because they don’t know I exist.”


I just got to swear on my blog without really swearing. I’m not sure I can do the same next week if I don’t get my computer back without my hard drive in tact.

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2 thoughts on “Seven on Sunday 5.2: GATSBY

  1. Throw the damned book. I love older literature, but I couldn’t get past the second chapter of Gatsby. Hated and couldn’t finish “Catcher in the Rye.” Totally despise Hemmingway. There are too many books out there that are actually meaningful to waste time on reading stuff you don’t like! -Amy at

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