Seven on Sunday 5:6 – CONFESS

List of Seven on Sunday is a weekly column that I write intended to entertain avid readers with short attention spans who like avoiding the real world at all cost on weekends. This column, written in a newspaper parody form,  falls most closely into the genre of creative nonfiction. Derived from my own life, the content is loosely structured around sections in a traditional newspaper. 

1. News — 

Today is Tuesday. Not Sunday.

Given my track record on meeting my own deadline for this Sunday column, something is clearly not working. Seven on Sunday is going by the wayside for a while.

I am a hobby blogger who, alongside my real job as a stay at home mom, has experimented with all sorts of writing styles and content. When something does not work out, it is really no big deal. I make changes, take breaks, recalibrate, and dream up the next idea as I gain another layer of experience to, ultimately, help me advance in a writing career at a later date.

Six weeks ago, I started up Seven on Sunday again after a year and a half hiatus. I must confess; it has felt like somewhat of a chore. Although I usually love the end product, that is not enough reason for me to keep trudging along down this path right now.

When I started Seven on Sunday in June of 2012, I was pregnant with my second child and lived in a small rental home at the time. In those days, it was easy to sneak over to my computer. My son was taking two naps a day and then when my daughter came along, she slept even more, which gave me plenty of time to write. I didn’t feel compelled to keep house in my rental home the way I do in my current home, aka the one my husband and I pay a mortgage on. Blogging back then felt like a good friend and helped me beat some of the lonely afternoons at home and kept my writing brain churning instead of getting lost in baby poop.

Fast forward a few years and my kids are now going on five and three years old. They are way more active now. And way more fun to take care of than in those isolating newborn/baby days. We are out and about more. They want my attention more. (Like all the time). I am up to my ears in responsibilities around the house (Not complaining, but it is a full-time job running the household and keeping it clean and us laundered).

All that said, Seven on Sunday has started to feel like one more thing. No one needs one more thing to do. Especially when there are two important little kids involved.

But before I bag it for a while, I am going to finish this week’s entry with effort as I make a few more confessions. With plenty of pictures to emphasize the anecdotes.

2. Weather —

Leaves are falling. Rakes are raking.


I keep thinking we have had our final flip-flop day of the year, but there might be a few more this week. I don’t know though, after the first snow flurries of the year on Saturday I am not holding my breath or painting my toenails for too many more mild days.


Along with the seasonal changes, I am experiencing a mental shift. My typically motivated mindset is relaxing and my daily stressors seem less stressful. My perspective is narrowing on the important things — family and time.

3. Sports —

With colder weather and darker days and holidays approaching, I am easing up on my running regime and physical efforts that aid in keeping my mental health in check. Instead, I am trading my running shoes for fleece socks and my Gatorade for a glass of wine on the couch. To otherwise balance my anxiety, I’ll keep up with my yoga class to help me fight the winter blues and remind me to breathe. That, and good eats and festivities and cozy nights and twinkly lights are sure to keep me in sync with a healthy peace of mind.

4. Arts & Entertainment —

Fall crafting is happening up in here. Creepy ghosts hung from a paper plate that look scarily un-Pinteresty it is not even funny, adorn our home. When I look at those faces, they make me happy because my two littles helped make them, and I used THEIR input throughout the process instead of some craft tutorial. That’s how we roll. BOO-ya!


Candy corn garland is on the agenda this week. And I am going to try my hand at making and baking my first apple pie ever this week; thanks to my aunt for giving me a bushel of apples from her trees.

A&E has come to my front door and I am letting it in. Not the kind that you’ll see on the red carpet, but doings of a house wife who has a red door. (Not exactly the same, I know).


5. Lifestyle —

I already confessed: Seven on Sunday is going by the wayside because it isn’t working for me.

But do you know what is?

A big pot of minestrone soup.


I am going to miss writing Seven on Sunday, but there just isn’t room for it in my life right now. I mean, can’t you see how full my literal and figurative pot of soup is right now?

6. Opinions —                                                                                                                                               

I don’t know if it is the unavoidable realization that my little boy will go to kindergarten next year and that this time at home with both him and his sister is running out, or just the onset of the holidays and me wanting to slow down, or the letdown after running the Wineglass Half Marathon, or the wisdom I gained from talking to a good friend the other night who said “I have very little expectation for myself other than taking care of my kids,” but I am keeping all of these thoughts at the forefront of my mind in the final months of 2015.

The mistakes I make sometimes occur because I put too many things – hobbies, ideas, housecleaning, writing, texts, emails, Facebook, Words With Friends, blogs, running, articles, books, events etc – on my plate that squash my ability to just be and enjoy my duties as a stay at home mom. Whoever says “enjoy every moment” is full of crap; it is a hard thing day in and day out, yet there are so many precious moments I am mindful of that I want to focus on.

Like the pretend birthday party my daughter wanted to have with me right in the middle of a very inconvenient moment. It was right after lunch and I was trying to clean up the lunch dishes. I was still in my pajamas with uncombed hair and unbrushed teeth. But in spite of myself, I joined her and we ate pretend eggs that she cooked for the party. I don’t even know whose birthday it was, but she found some hats and insisted we wear them.

Then my daughter invited my son to the birthday party and it felt nice that we were doing something so communal in the middle of an inconvenient time for me. I suddenly forgot about my flannel nightshirt that I was wearing overtop of my blue striped leggings (classy, ain’t I?) and ate some eggs.

I bet you can guess by now – they were really good in all sense of the bigger picture.

So although I crave nights out, wearing trendy clothes, straightening my hair, putting on make-up, donning fun shoes and attending concerts and plays after dinner and drinks as I celebrate my latest publication, that is just not where I am in life right now.

(I must confess though, hubby and I have prioritized a few date nights recently and they have felt so special because of all the frustrations responsibilities I face at home and all the career desires that lay dormant underneath. I can already see a new light in the distance that gives me reassurance that the glitz and glamour will still be there in a few years when my day job changes.)

Until then… Happy birthday!


I RSVP’d yes to this party and you’re all invited.

7. Comics —

Despite my best efforts, I had a total creative fail in the kitchen this week in the form of banana mummies.


Don’t ask. Don’t pin.

After a joke of a mess like this one, be glad I am tabling Seven on Sunday for a while. I am not giving up the Banter entirely, but I AM scaling my efforts back a little and breathing in some seasonal cheer with my precious kiddos.

Pajamas optional.

Write on.

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4 thoughts on “Seven on Sunday 5:6 – CONFESS

  1. Real life calls to all of us, that’s just how it is. Over the years of blogging, I’ve seen some people come and go so I’m really happy that you haven’t given up quite yet. Your kiddies have grown so much and it’s amazing to me that I knew you before Vivian was even born. Now she’s almost three? What?? Anyway, it’s all about balance and we’re all just figuring it out as we go along. Have a great week, Britta. 🙂

    • Yes, it’s definitely a balance!

      Thank you always for your words and your ability to understand me as a writer. Seems like it’s been well over three years now. Hard to believe!

      I look forward to your next post 🙂

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