2017: A Year Without Facebook?

The end of the year is near. That means it is time to resolute.

One of my 2017 resolutions is to stay off Facebook for the whole year. Come January 1, I am deactivating my account. I want to determine if Facebook enriches my life or robs me of opportunities to have deeper connections with those closest to me. Over the last month-and-a-half I have hardly gone on Facebook because I felt like I could not ‘keep up’ (especially over the holidays) and that trying to ‘keep up’ was stressful and poor use of my time.

In July 2008 I tried an experiment with my cell phone. I turned it off for several weeks. Before doing so I changed my voicemail message indicating that I would not be available until such-and-such date. I told a few loved ones, then I powered off my phone and enjoyed myself free of distraction.

The results?

Basically I pissed off my loved ones because no one could get ahold of me. In hindsight I went about things the wrong way. What I was trying to do was push back against technology and clear my mind, but all I did was push away those closest to me.

Deactivating my Facebook account is a different approach — an intentional approach to discover how social media impacts me. The way I see it, deactivating my account won’t cause negative ramifications to those closest to me. I still have my phone, text messaging, email, and snail mail that all provide me with the ability to communicate with choice people and necessary parties pertaining to life, such as schools, doctors, dentists, etc.

By staying off Facebook I am sure I am going to miss being in the know when it comes to birthdays, celebrations, marriages, kids, and humorous status updates. I am sure I am going to miss all the pictures. I am sure I am going to miss posting them too. Getting all those ‘likes’ and comments after I post something is gratifying to a point. (That said, I am going to stay active on Instagram at britta326).

As for blogging, because after all this blog is more evidence of how I engage on Facebook, I am going to shift my focus away from traffic derived from Facebook. Instead, for those wanting to continue reading my blog you can sign up for notifications via email whenever I publish a post. (See right side bar where it says ‘Follow The Banter Via Email’ and click on ‘Follow’ button).

I am eager to see what I discover about my relationships, changes in my mood, and how I spend my time in lieu of scrolling through a news feed.

Reading is a good place to start.

Reading is a good place to start.

But perhaps my biggest quandary is: Can I stay off Facebook in 2017?

Deactivating is the only way I have a chance. Some people can simply ‘stay off or minimize Facebook usage’ without deactivating their account because they exercise self-control and do not get sucked in everyday. Not the case for me. If I have access I am eventually going to login. It is kind of like keeping a pack of cigarettes on the kitchen counter when you are trying to quit.

Staying off Facebook in 2017 interests me enough to resolute it to see how it changes my life. We live in a social media driven world, but maybe it is time to push back against how we connect with each other.

Perhaps I’ll need a Facebook deactivators support group.


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10 thoughts on “2017: A Year Without Facebook?

  1. I’ve enjoyed having a break from FB – largely a need in response to the 2016 election rhetoric. I’ll miss you there – so am making sure that I’m subscribed to your blog for updates! much love to all of you. Eventually, you’ll receive a holiday 2016(2017-ish) from us. 🙂

  2. Long time no see, Britta. 🙂

    I’ve never been the most active FB user and these days, I probably am only active on there once a blue moon. The only reason I haven’t deactivated it is because it helps me see what my friends are up to, particularly the ones I don’t see regularly. But I’ve always maintained that it doesn’t require social media to keep up with people you truly want to keep up with (and vice versa). For me, I’m continuing to stay just on the fringes of social media but I’d like to do more blogging this year and be better about keeping up with my friends in this universe. 🙂

    • Hi Lillian! It can be a total waste of time. You have the right perspective about staying on the ‘fringes’ and only keeping up with the people you truly want to.

  3. I hope we can keep in touch via your blog. I enjoy reading it! I’m horrible about keeping in touch in other ways (phone, email, etc). I hope your extra time usually devoted to FB allows you quality time with family, friends, and other interests. We miss you in the Burg! 😀

    • Thanks, Kim, and great to hear from you. We’ll have to meet up the next time I come to Blacksburg — usually in the fall.

      Happy early birthday! And I didn’t even need FB to remind me of that 🙂

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