Motivation to blog

Greetings Readers!

Nothing motivates you to write a blog post quite like the receipt of an automatic renewal charge on your credit card to remind you that you are actually paying for your domain name and extra storage space on your blog for posting words, pictures, videos, and songs.

For this reason, and more importantly for my love of writing and creating, today I offer you simple words, a picture, a video, and a song to reward you for the time you spent with me.

Words (short story):

This morning I had to take my daughter to the eye doctor to have her new lenses cut. She had to surrender her frames for about hour. The optician said we didn’t have to wait. Given that the ‘low fuel light’ in my car has been on for a few days, I thought we might get gas. That led to snacks, which led to an impromptu outdoor picnic, which led to impromptu dancing. Not mine, hers. She twirled around and gracefully sashayed in different directions while I watched and drank coffee. Nothing to do. No where to be.

A picture:

Luke the Pug

A video:


A song:

Thanks for reading.

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4 thoughts on “Motivation to blog

  1. Ha, I got two of those notices this week. Last year I had plenty of money to afford this luxury, now I’m having to justify it. Thanks for sharing and putting your investment to good use! It was fun to read your post.

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