About the Banter

Welcome to Britta’s Banter!

A self-coined variety blogger, I write for the love of the game. Writing helps me make meaning in my life by piecing together past experiences as I daydream about the present and imagine the future. Observations made from the beauty we create and the blunders we endure in this precious life are the stories worth telling.

In 2002 I received a degree in Communication Studies from  Virginia Tech, where my interest in writing and media studies took flight. To date, Creative Nonfiction is the genre I most closely identify with.

When I became a mother in 2011, I started the Banter to stay connected with family and friends from afar while preserving memories. Blogging instantly became a positive outlet for me alongside the joys and demands of being a stay-at-home-mom. I became a second-time mom in 2013.

In addition to parenting related musings, I use humor, daily life, running, travel, a silly old pug dog, and other interests-of-the-moment to keep the Banter fresh. Most recently I broached the topic of mental illness and disclosed some of my deeply personal truths.

Most likely to be found with a cup of coffee.

This is me — one eye on reality and the other lost in fantasy.

My blog is ever-evolving, similar to my voice as a writer. I am still figuring out my comfort zone and testing choices on the appropriate amount of information and pictures to share as I navigate the waters of blogging and social media in a fast-paced, accessible world.

I invite you to read my words, especially those who can relate to me as a thinker, writer, or mother.


Britta (Unfiltered)

15 thoughts on “About the Banter

  1. You have a lovely blog…I had fun reading some of your posts…love the name of your blog, very original and with loads of personality:)

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  3. I started my travel blog to communicate with others with the same interest. Telling my stories to friends just gets me stares like I’m boasting again about my travels so here I am, blogging and sharing my thoughts and experiences.

    • Blogging is such a great place to do that. It’s amazing how many people, outside your circle of friends, can relate to your thoughts and experiences. I am glad you found travel blogging. I like the picture in your header. Looks like the Grand Canyon or somewhere in Utah?

  4. Love this, Britta. Your personality really comes through. I, too, love writing, blogging, and in my case, photography. I’ll be back to read more later. It’s almost my bedtime. Blogging 101 has been keeping me up late these last three weeks. Gotta get some rest sometime, and now’s the time!

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