Motivation to blog

Greetings Readers!

Nothing motivates you to write a blog post quite like the receipt of an automatic renewal charge on your credit card to remind you that you are actually paying for your domain name and extra storage space on your blog for posting words, pictures, videos, and songs.

For this reason, and more importantly for my love of writing and creating, today I offer you simple words, a picture, a video, and a song to reward you for the time you spent with me.

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Blogging 101 wrap-up

Ladies and Gentlemen.

The blogging course I have been taking through WordPress at The Daily Post through Blogging University called Blogging 101 is coming to an end this weekend. If all that jargon is not enough to confuse you, just continue following my blog. I am sure there will be more confusing content down the road. Ha!

But seriously, thanks for hanging in there with me to my non-blogging audience during this venture. And welcome to the new readers that I connected with in the course, like my new funny friend James Proclaims!

That’s probably been the richest part of the experience for me — reading, relating, laughing, and learning from other bloggers. Plus all the amazing articles and resources provided with each assignment.

I am inspired.

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A toy story

Two days before the kids and I flew to Germany I was finalizing some simple activities for my them to do while we were on the airplane. This trip marks the sixth international trip I have taken with at least one child. From prior successes and failures, I have learned that cheap and never-seen-before toys is the key on the plane with kids.

As I was making the bed and getting dressed, I realized it was uncannily quiet out in the kitchen where the kids were. I tiptoed down the hallway to peak, expecting some sort of mess. What I found was the two of them sharing a chair and happily peeling crayons.


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Write on

This post has two parts with two purposes in mind.

Part I is related to blogging with a goal in mind — to connect with other bloggers.

Part II is related to day-to-day life in order to keep long-time readers abreast with my latest thoughts and happenings.

Feel free to read any or all depending on what is relevent or interesting to you. If nothing else, you are definitely going to want to read the quote at the end. It’s kind of the thread in this whole thing.

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About my “About” page


I am on day seven of Blogging101. Yesterday, I re-vamped my “About” page.

For the non-bloggers, an About pages tells readers, well, what you are all about. It’s always a good idea to share a few things about yourself and your writing to allow people to decide if you are worth reading. For many bloggers, this is a tough task. The About page can make or break you when it comes to gaining new readers.

After I fiddled with mine last night, I sent the link to a handful of people in my life this morning — people who I thought could offer me some valuable feedback. So far, I am not disappointed by the responses I am receiving.

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Blue tutu of happiness

Over the weekend we were at a party and my two-year-old daughter expressed an interest in getting her first tutu – a blue one to be exact. I made a mental note, but I am not one to go out and buy my kids their every heart’s desire. Spoiling my kids is not in the realm of my parenting duties.

Plus, I am definitely not a tutu person and, though they are cute, I wasn’t sure how I felt about all that frill in my house. When I had a girl I knew it’d be different than having a boy, but do we really need tutu’s? I never had one. I had brothers.

Last night we received an unexpected package from a special person in Vivian’s life. In the package was a tutu – a blue one to be exact.

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Britta Unfiltered

A week or two ago, on a whim, I signed up for a blogging class through WordPress called Blogging 101.

For my current readers unrelated to WordPress, WordPress is the hosting platform I use to blog, or the Content Management System (CMS). Given that WordPress is big and bad and powerful and user-friendly and well-reputed in the blogging world, they do all sorts of neat things like publish posts with tips, provide new information, offer writing prompts, and much more to help all of us millions and billions of people who read and write blogs.

Did I mention I am not alone in this endeavor?

Fun fact: Over 409 million people view more than 20.1 billion pages each month.

With that many people, involved WordPress provides many opportunities to learn. Yay WordPress. That’s why I chose you to host my whimsical writing. Hello peers of Blogging 101.

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