The refrigerator was empty.

Before that there was options for meals in the cabinets and freezer.

Before that there was also bread, deli meat, cheese, and the promise of a sandwich.

Before that there was also a tomato to slice.

Before that there was also apples and carrots sticks for the kids to snack on.

Before that there was also a carton of milk and eggs to cook with.

Before that there was also lettuce, cucumber, and a yellow pepper to make a salad.

Before that there was also pepperoni and a package of mozzarella cheese to make a pizza.

Before that there was also a pound of ground beef and whole wheat tortillas to make burritos.

Before that there was also blueberries and strawberries to eat on cereal.

Before that there was also V-8 and orange juice to drink.

Before that there was also yogurt to pack for lunch.

Before that there was also bagels and pita bread.

Before that there was also a pork tenderloin to cook for the family.

Before that there was kitchen filled with possibilities.

Before that He asked her when She was going to the store.

Pumpkin face brownie

Today’s post is a reblog from last October that’s been gaining momentum on Pinterest.
Pumpkin face brownie – bake, frost, and decorate to create this festive fall treat. Great Halloween dessert for kids!

Happy baking… and pinning this Halloween. Have a wonderful weekend. I hope you get to jump in a pile of leaves.

Britta's Banter

When I was growing up, my mom used to make what I like to call a “pumpkin face brownie” every Halloween and/or Thanksgiving. As I got older, I became fond of this tradition and even loved to help create the brownie through the years. When I got even older and moved into my own place and had a huge Halloween party one year, my roommate and I knew we needed to serve something other than keg-beer. Good ole pumpkin face brownie to the rescue. Now as a Mommy (let’s leave the even older part out this time), this morning I found myself making this classic with my little boy to take to a family Halloween party tomorrow night.

Not sure where my mom got the recipe idea, I googled for “pumpkin face brownie” and did a search on Pinterest for “pumpkin brownie” and all it did was make me hungry…

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