What didn’t make me happy about my day

Last fall I came up with a ritual that my husband and I could do with our kids during dinner every night. I called it, “What made me happy about my day.” While eating we would all go around the table and share one thing that made us happy about our day. The point was to highlight and focus on the good in our lives.

Before long this ritual was commonplace and we would take turns going first, making family dinners that much more communal. When we had guests we invited them into our happy circle.

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Happy, sad, surprise, fear, disgust, and anger

A few days ago I started feeling a little sad. Given that sadness is one of the classic six emotions — happiness, surprise, fear, disgust, and anger being the other five — that all human beings feel, I was quick to give myself permission to feel sad. I am a human being after all, and emotions are valid in every person.

Feeling sad is one thing and I fully surrendered to the emotion, but getting through it is another thing.

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