2017: A Year Without Facebook?

The end of the year is near. That means it is time to resolute.

One of my 2017 resolutions is to stay off Facebook for the whole year. Come January 1, I am deactivating my account. I want to determine if Facebook enriches my life or robs me of opportunities to have deeper connections with those closest to me. Over the last month-and-a-half I have hardly gone on Facebook because I felt like I could not ‘keep up’ (especially over the holidays) and that trying to ‘keep up’ was stressful and poor use of my time.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge inspired me to write today’s post. The theme this week is “Threes” and challenges participants to share three-picture stories.

A three-picture story involves: (1) An establishing shot, (2) A relationship, and (3) A detail.

IMG_1037   IMG_1034   IMG_1019

In the establishing shot, I captured a broad view of the street. In the relationship shot, I took in the action. For the detail shot, I focused on my son’s hands touching the puddle.

The “No Outlet” sign, mini-excavator, and various reflections created by the mid-morning sun were also something I purposely tried to include in my three-picture story.

All three pictures were candidly snapped on my iPhone 4 camera this morning as my son played in the mud puddle without a care in the world.